Monday, September 13, 2010

Steamboat Follies?

A steampunk radio drama was written by Joe, but pushed aside for a time. When I asked for something new to draw, he dug it up for me and said that it was destined for visual comicry. I couldn't agree more! It was really fun looking up 19th century costume design, and he writes so purdy that it'd be a fantastic project. Who knows! For now, I dream of hoop dresses.


  1. Ah! A new illustration pops up before I get to comment on your first.

    Your website is wonderful, Candice.

    I'm loving your illustrations: The Irving, Trinity Place and Hipbone I the best. The colors, the shapes ... I've always thought Hipbone was a self-portrait. Is it? And the line-drawing of Jerry is fun.

    What kind of blogging software are you using here? I wouldn't doubt if Tam asks you the same question. :D

    Oh, it's Blogger. They let commenters post from whatever blogging software one wants to? Wow. I know I've seen this before, but didn't think about what "system" had this feature. Cool for them.

  2. Hipbone I was actually from a life drawing class! I did like the back of the model's head, though - and it happened to match my hairdo - so, yes, I used it as an avatar for a time. :)

    Thanks, Nance, for everything!