Sunday, January 2, 2011

Drawing from life isn't always easy.

Today I am working on a commission. Surprise, it's a house! Now, I like drawing my landscapes from life. I recently gave in and did one from a photo... but it's not as satisfying. I like how being there in real life causes certain features to pop out. The pen flows a bit more organically and I tend to pick up and move over to whatever area interests me at that moment. That results in more of that abstract, mosaic style that I (and apparently others?) enjoy. However...

...currently, it is 21 degrees farenheit, with heavy snow flurries.

Needless to say, there are some challenges.

My strategies:
  1. Long johns, thermal socks, and fingerless gloves. Turtleneck, hoodie, winter coat, cap, scarf.
  2. Tucking pens under my clothes so they don't freeze.
  3. Keeping the board at a near-vertical tilt as to prevent snow from sticking to the paper (causing fresh ink to bleed).
  4. Regular warm-up breaks.

Soon, I go back out into mother nature's frigid trials. Oh, the life of an artist! (Where's my beret?) Oh, the suffering for the sake of art! (Shouldn't I also be a beat poet?) Oh, the... toe warmers I forgot. But it's a good time! And the act of making the drawing feels so much more satisfying.

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