Sunday, February 6, 2011


I haven't been working much this past month because I've been in the process of moving. It's not really about the packing, or the address changes, or being busy in any way. It's really rather psychological. Sitting down at my table resulted in a broken record of "this isn't going to be my home anymore". Creativity just doesn't really happen when I'm in a nesting kind of mood. At least, not the kind of creativity that anyone cares about ("look at this delightful arrangement of incense in a decorative vase! oh, I'm a GENIUS!").

Now that I am here in my new apartment, I do my washing at a laundromat. I thought I'd try doing some marker sketches - the sort I've been ogling at in books. I really do envy how freely and accurately some of these people can successfully reign in something as potent as a wild streamer of manganese blue. My manganese blue sketches still look like blueberry airsickness. Anyway, I want to study this laundromat more. It looks like it hasn't been furnished, painted, or otherwise altered since 1978... complete with the Ms. Pac-Man, "Suds 'n More" vending machine, and absurdly faded posters of wildlife. It's ripe for kitschy sketches.

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