Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hands down, my favorite scrape with death!

I went to a wedding recently. The bride had asked me in advance to use my "artistic skill" to decorate the guest seating chart. I felt enthused. Ever since drawing cats all over my husband's hospital room window, I've had sort of a thing for dry erase markers. This wedding, I guessed, would be a lot more fun than pumping antibiotics through a PICC line; I'd get bunch of free markers, free publicity, free honey-slathered pork loin... oh, and to see people I enjoy, um, being happy. That too.

Being a native west coaster, rather than a midwesterner, it was kind of surreal when the wedding party had to be moved downstairs due to an imminent tornado. As an artist, however, it merely meant a few fun Wizard Of Oz tributes and, well, extra time before the ceremony to do the job right.

I really just kind of went with my gut, which seems to be a really important part of the artistic process. The more I just wildly attack my medium without a smidgen of awareness, the better the actual art is. Whiteboards included.

And in case you didn't know, candicenorcross.net finally got a much-needed revamp. Check it out!

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