Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The interior shots I've been posting about are that of Shom'ai's Inn, a bed and breakfast run by a matronly woman who knows how to run a fine establishment for otherwise weary travelers. I want it to look as "real" as possible... as lived-in and usable as 40 pixel grids will allow.

I remember playing Final Fantasy 7 and exclaiming, "OH MY GOD! THERE ARE TOILETS!!!" No longer did the townspeople just pace to and fro all day, living in a house with one bed for 4 people and maybe a bookcase. It added such a sense of realism to the game that had never existed before, at least in very many of those 16-bit games I played previously.

Here we have the room of someone who's a seasonal guest and therefore making themselves quite at home; a bathroom in the truest form of the word; a row of Roman-style toilets; a spartan, hostel-type bunk room; and a utility closet. There's also lighting in the form of oil lamps (no torches, please) and some signage pointing the way for guests. Everything you need is here.

You might also notice that the door hinges are on the hallway side, so as even if a guest locks a door, the room is accessible to staff by removing the hinges. Likewise, if a guest goes insane from some kind of, I don't know, delusional travel-induced fever, they can be locked in without being able to removes the hinges to escape.

There are the things I think about.

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