Friday, June 15, 2012

Stop the war on women.

The radical "pro life" crowd is now fighting for control in my state of Michigan. The irony of the ban on abortion at 20 weeks, regardless of medical danger - even imminent death - to the mother, is apparently lost on a lot of people. Plus, beyond 8 weeks, a woman will be required by law to discard fetal remains the same as adults - burial, cremation, etc. (punishable by a felony and 3 years imprisonment otherwise). What is the point of that? Besides "creating jobs" for undertakers, perhaps?

After dropping the earned income tax credit for people with kids, and trying to cut off food benefits and other services for low-income families, the gender and class warfare is coming out into the open as exactly what it is. Republicans are now shutting up women in the democratic party from speaking on the floor in the capitol, for saying words like "vagina" and trying to gain permission to speak.

Apparently, fetuses > anything and everything else. Beyond that, you're on your own, though. ALL HAIL THE FETUS.

The irony, illustrated:

Please join me in the fight to bring some humanity and basic rights back to the women in this country.

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