Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Half the story: lettering.

I've been fretting about this lately: how will my lettering look?

I find myself mostly fretting between two styles - a very classic look, and something more natural (with lowercase included). I refuse to computer-generate something obviously modern, since I find that so obnoxious and distracting in other comics. I could potentially be convinced to grab a professional-looking font and entering it digitally, but... that disconnects me from the panels more than I'm comfortable with. Caps are plain and rather unobtrusive, unless you realize that that's a common way for people to "yell". In a sci-fi fantasy story, is that really appropriate? Does it break the tone? Moreover, is it MORE (see?) obtrusive to digest a totally different handwriting style?

I don't think an answer is going to arrive anytime soon.

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