Monday, August 13, 2012

Art therapy.

One of my family members has been struggling a lot lately, and so has taken to collaging and various forms of art therapy. She's really, really good at it (though she'd deny it).

I've had an emotionally exhausting couple of days, thinking about how there's so much suffering I wish I could untangle, fix, and extinguish - but ultimately feel like one drop of water on a raging fire. How can I get through? So, I thought: "hey, that's a collage I could try!"

What's probably most impressive here is that I was able to do it all with ONE Red Plum flier. What's most helpful is that, if you look at the orange triangles, you can find a Little Caesar's near you. And what's most awkward is... why did I use blueberries for clouds?? Sure, there's a lot I don't like about how it turned out, but it does the job.


  1. I think it is wonderful and am glad you shared

  2. Every time I see blueberries in advertisements I think of your amazing collage! (Could it be that I had pizza tonight because of the hidden Little Caesar's clip? Just kidding.)

    I love your collage, even if you aren't crazy about it. :-)