Sunday, May 18, 2014

*Blows dust*

I've really let this place go, haven't I?

Well. News!

1. MY FIRST BOOK IS AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE. It's a collection of the first year of Don't Call Me Candy strips. If you get your order in with the limited quantity, you get a hand-numbered edition and I will happily sign and write sweet nothings in it. I'm talking to local bookstores, as well, to see if anyone wants to carry some copies. If your store might be interested, drop me a line.

2. I am trying to steadily work on my fantasy comic, Tab'rin. There is not a regular upload schedule, but if you're into it, check it out once a week or so. I'm uploading it publicly to create some accountability for myself. (All too often I'll start doing the graphic novel "for real this time" only to become dissatisfied with the art and throw it all out. NO LONGER. For better or worse, the pages that are up are for keeps.)

3. A dear friend of mine asked me to design a tattoo and she's going to have it done! Behold a stylized edelweiss. Did you know that the real thing is impossibly furry and even a little grody-looking? Anydangway, she is a big Sound Of Music fan, and I know there's more to the story of the flower than that, but that's for her to know and me to just shut up and draw.

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