Thursday, June 12, 2014

A return to pixel art.

I'm going through one of those phases when I wonder what the hell is wrong with me investing so much time in comics, and I just hate them, and hate drawing, and WHAT IS HAPPENING, SO MANY FEELS.

It'll pass. It always does. It's just part of my glorious brain chemistry cycle, or the wrath of a vengeful God, or whatever you're most comfortable pinning it on. I tend to just grumble the word "bipolar" and wait for it to pass.

In the meantime, though, pixel art!

Each alternating white/gray square is 32 pixels. Yes, I'm finally doing my art with actual game mechanics in mind. This will be the only house of this type in the game, so I don't mind that it's not really a reusable "tileset" and will be a slider puzzle when it comes time to put it in the game maker. My main goal is to get the house looking good, and I think I've achieved that.

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