Monday, October 4, 2010

Bonnie rides again.

I got a comment from a friend saying that I haven't uploaded any sketches lately! My apologies. I now give you a sketch of the reason why I haven't been sketching. Because I love paradox.

Red Dead Redemption, also known as Candice Rides Around On A Lot Of Horses And Collects Wolf Pelts For Six Hours A Day, is the sort of video game I've been hoping for since Shadow Of The Colossus (which I've also tried to capture in tribute, except its lead is a shoe-in for bishounen of the year, thereby unworthy of my clumsy, non-manga hands). Anyway. The character here is Bonnie M[a]cFarlane, a presence I very much enjoyed in this western epic, and right up my alley as far as character design is concerned. This is very hastily done, but any practice is good practice, right?

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