Monday, October 18, 2010

Current reads.

Elfquest: Wolfrider (Volume 2)
Wendy and Richard Pini

I've known a lot of people who were into Elfquest from a young age; even my sister dug up a copy at the library, I remember. For such a popular series, I haven't read very much of it. And I should, because I see a lot of traits from my own worldmaking in it. Elfquest is definitely an absorbing world, with its own lingo, culture, and mythology bursting from every seam. The characters are well-defined and fun to follow through their centuries of adventures, ranging from conflicts with humans to tribal upheaval and folk tales. However, I'll sound like a prude here: I was surprised by some of the sexually-charged content. I'm trying to imagine an 8 year-old picking this up and reading about "recognition" (the elf word used for "intercourse") and the occasional nude romp in the woods, culminating in "indescribable pleasure". Okay, it was just once, and perhaps I am a prude after all. Anyway. When I generally think of Elfquest, I think of big, glittery eyes and abs. I'm glad to have expanded that knowledge base, though!

Daisy Kutter: The Last Train
Kazu Kibuishi

I'll admit it. I'm biased. I freaking love Kazu Kibuishi. He's one of those artists I have a huge crush on. His webcomic, Copper, tugged ferociously at my heartstrings, and I've loved every feature of his in the Flight volumes. No matter what he illustrates, a real warmth comes through, and this is the case with Daisy Kutter as well. She's a tough-talking retired gangster, trying to run a general store and get in the occasional witty jab at her ex, who now happens to be the sheriff. Although has she really left her old life behind? Oh, and by the way, in this western fantasy, there are robots. Seriously, what's not to love? This is another great example of a penciled comic that presents itself beautifully, much to my glee. Kazu, I will have your babies anytime.

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