Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Steamboat designs.

Going for more of a cartoony feel, I whipped up some Steamboat Follies portraits. I'm quite pleased. As much as I long for more realism in my work, caricature comes pretty easy.

I've been going through Tintin In The Congo, having previously read quite a bit about the racism interwoven within Hergé's work. Now, I love Tintin. But you can't deny that the portrayal of blacks is atrocious, from the goofy designs to their total helplessness without any Europeans around. Anyway. Because Steamboat Follies takes place in a hammed-up, southern, post Civil War setting, I decided to give the racist caricature some study. I feel kind of dirty - but excited - to try it. It serves the cartoon well, in my opinion!

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